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Our company has modern storehouse with the complete facilities. and enough storage.A packages of products are tidy and easy to transport , all the packages are supplied by professional suppliers, and the damage transportation decrease obviously.

  ·T grid suspension ceiling   
  ·Flat T Grid
  ·Alloy lock flat T grid
  ·Fut T Grid
  ·Black Lined T Grid
  ·Grooved T Grid
  ·T37 T shape Profile
  ·Wall angle collection
  ·Light load steel
  ·stud&track for drywall
  ·Australian style gypsum
  ·hook channel ceiling
  ·CD/UD ceiling system
  ·furring channel ceiling
  ·small furring system
  ·galvanized wall angle
  ·Self-adhesive fiber      mesh tape
  ·Metal Corner Tape
  ·Drywall Screw
  ·Clip in ceiling
  ·Galvanized Steel Strip
  ·Air Conditioner Bracket
  ·Aluminum Ceiling Access Panel
  ·Exhibition Exhibition
  ·Land transport
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